You Want to Teach in Thailand

You are still in the Philippines

You are still in the Philippines.

You want to be a teacher in Thailand.

We are a direct hire education solution provider who is responsible for the recruitment and retention of teachers for our main campus in Suphanburi and our affiliate schools in west-central and south of Thailand.

We provide:

Teaching staff, curriculum, programming and other solutions to our affiliated schools.

We provide:
a responsible, respectful, and supportive workplace for our teachers & staff.

GT letters

There are a number of steps to take in order to work abroad and a number of documents that you need to have ready.

The schools will not assist or pay for the steps to be taken to get your documents ready for work abroad.

The schools WILL pay (reimburse you) for the actual cost of your work visa.

The schools MAY, depending on your contract, prepay or reimburse your airfare.


1) prepare your documents.

  • degree (original is required)
  • TOR - university issued
  • police clearance (NBI for visa issuance)
  • passport - should have more than 1 year validity remaining before expiry
  • TOEIC test certificate - This is a requirement for the approval letter from the education office - no TOEIC = no letter - no visa
  • IELTS and TOEFL are also accepted but the TOEIC is the cheapest
  • degree (original is required)

2) find a job

  • There is no shortage of work for people with their correct documents.

  • You can go through us or search on-line for other schools or agencies.

  • Get a job offer and a contract.

  • READ your contract and understand the job BEFORE you sign on the dotted line.

  • Once you sign it there is no wiggle room for changes. You are committed as is the employer.

3) fly to your new job and start work

4) Things to avoid

  • flying over without your documents ready -
    • It will take longer to find work.
    • You risk running out of time or money before you find work
    • You risk the need to work illegally to fund yourself while you try to get your paperwork in order